Art & Craft Activities

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Besides the fun of creating masterpieces of their own, children derive many important benefits from art & craft activities.
  • Drawing, colouring and cutting shapes strengthens fine motor coordination and improves concentration. This becomes important in an academic setting.
  • While waiting for the paint and glue to dry, your child learns self-control and patience.
  • Completing crafts successfully gives them a sense of achievement and boosts self-esteem.
COSMOTOTS-iqd organises art & craft sessions one Saturday a month, from 10am – 12pm.
Register at
Suitable for ages 6 to 8

Storytelling in COSMOTOTS-iqd

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Storytelling plays an important role in a child’s intellectual, emotional and social development. It is a platform to introduce new vocabulary, animals, shapes, colours, numbers in an engaging and meaningful manner. Stories also open up opportunities to talk about caring for others, learning to share, having good manners or dealing with difficult situations.
COSMOTOTS-iqd organises storytelling sessions one Saturday a month, from 10am – 12pm.
Suitable for ages 4 to 6


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Our Cheras and Subang chapters were buzzing with activities last Saturday!

IMG-20170715-WA0029  IMG-20170715-WA0023  20170722_105429  20170722_110509  20170722_105618  20170722_105555

Do join us next Saturday, 5/8/2017 at our Damansara Utama or Bukit Galena chapters, for more exciting programmes.

There will also be a Parenting Workshop at our Damansara Utama chapter, Bring your friends!
Time: 10am – 12pm
Parenting Workshop fee: RM50 / participant
Activities for Kids fee: RM20 / participant

Register at or scan the QR code below.
If you have any inquiry, please call a chapter near you. We hope to see you there!”


Parenting Workshop: How to best communicate with your child

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A close up shot of the family sitting on the bed and reading a story book; Shutterstock ID 244463917

Beginning this August, Geraldine Sidoti will be sharing with us practical tips on how positive parenting can impact your communication with your child. Among other things, her session will touch on the following topics:

· Helping children deal with their feelings
· Engaging cooperation
· To punish or not to punish?
· Praise
· Non-violent communication
· Creating a culture of cooperation

Having worked with children and families in Asia and Africa over the last 30 years, and with 3 children of her own, Geraldine Sidoti is an experienced coach in parenting and education. Do join us to listen, share ideas and connect with other parents!

Time: 10am – 12pm
Fee: RM50 per participant
Register at
· Saturday, 5th August – Damansara Utama
· Saturday, 19th August – Cheras
· Saturday, 26th August – Seremban 2


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During our opening on Saturdays, we have activities going on at the same time. This July and August, we will have storytelling and art & craft activities for young children.

This coming Saturday (8/7/2017), Damansara Utama chapter is going to have STORYTELLING and Bukit Galena chapter is going to have ART & CRAFT activity.

Time: 10am – 12pm
Fee: RM20/participant
Register at or call a chapter near you.

Storytelling is suitable for ages 4 to 6.
Art & Craft is suitable for ages 6 to 8.

We are now open on Saturdays…

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Photo 04-06-2017, 12 00 10 PM (1)

With effect from July 2017, all COSMOTOTS-iqd chapters are open at least one Saturday per month and our education consultants are available to meet with you and answer any questions you may have about our programmes and services. If you would like to secure a slot for a free assessment, do give a call to a chapter near you.

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am – 6:30pm and on Saturday, 9am – 1pm.

Damansara Utama and Bukit Galena (S1) chapters are open this Saturday, 8/7/2017. Do come and visit us to find out more.

Parenting Workshop

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Given the encouraging response on our Facebook survey, we at COSMOTOTS-iqd are excited to announce the upcoming parenting workshop! Geraldine Sidoti, is an experienced coach who specialises in positive communication techniques. Her sessions will touch on the following topics:
· Helping children deal with their feelings
· Engaging cooperation
· To punish or not to punish?
· Praise
· Non-violent communication
· Creating a culture of cooperation

As we would like for as many parents as possible to benefit from these sessions, Geraldine Sidoti will be making her rounds to all our chapters. Do invite your friends and come join us at a chapter near you!

August: Damansara Utama, Cheras, Seremban 2
October: Bukit Galena, Subang, Cheras
November: Damansara Utama, Subang

Geraldine Sidoti
Geraldine Sidoti is an experienced facilitator in parenting and education. Born and raised in France, she has lived in Africa for ten years and twenty-five years in Asia, working with parents and children from various walks of life. A mother of three very active boys, she is inspired to share her knowledge with other parents out there. She believes that education patterns and relationships have a strong impact on our daily interactions. As such the ability to communicate effectively is the main key to solving the challenges we face today particularly as parents.

In-house activities

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We at COSMOTOTS-iqd believe that children learn best when they have fun! This July and August, we are bringing back storytelling and art & craft activities for young children. Stay tuned for more details.  

IMG-20170320-WA0005              IMG_3286-hr100

COSMOTOTS-iqd Holiday Programmes June 2017

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The school holidays have come and gone. We had lots of fun with the kids who came for our special school holiday programmes – there were singing, scrap booking and competitions on top of the reading and writing activities. If you missed out this time, we will be having our holiday programmes again at the end of the year. Watch this space!

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Our Alumni – What Iqbal Says…

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I’m currently an editor at Cilisos, which is a news website based in Kelana Jaya. I manage their university arm, TahanUni, where we publish content relevant to student life on campus.

I started the position in January of this year, having left my previous investments job with Khazanah Nasional at the end of last. Prior to Khazanah, I was a Parliamentary Researcher with the Democratic Action Party, which was my first job after graduating in Law and International Relations from the University of Edinburgh

I was a horrible student when in school – a C student at best but more likely a dropout-in- waiting. I hated school and everything connected to it.

Halfway through my journey as a primary school student, I was resigned to believe that the problem was with me and that I was incapable of learning. That is, until I was enrolled in COSMOTOTS-iqd when I was in Standard 5.

COSMOTOTS-iqd showed me that I did like learning, I was capable of thinking, and that I could find classrooms enjoyable. Even after I left five years later, the passion and vigor COSMOTOTS-iqd instilled in me for learning propelled me through high school and university.

I am absolutely certain that I can credit COSMOTOTS-iqd for what I am today. I shall always remain thankful to my mentors/Mr Yoong for all their work with me.

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