Our Alumni – What Iqbal Says…

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I’m currently an editor at Cilisos, which is a news website based in Kelana Jaya. I manage their university arm, TahanUni, where we publish content relevant to student life on campus.

I started the position in January of this year, having left my previous investments job with Khazanah Nasional at the end of last. Prior to Khazanah, I was a Parliamentary Researcher with the Democratic Action Party, which was my first job after graduating in Law and International Relations from the University of Edinburgh

I was a horrible student when in school – a C student at best but more likely a dropout-in- waiting. I hated school and everything connected to it.

Halfway through my journey as a primary school student, I was resigned to believe that the problem was with me and that I was incapable of learning. That is, until I was enrolled in COSMOTOTS-iqd when I was in Standard 5.

COSMOTOTS-iqd showed me that I did like learning, I was capable of thinking, and that I could find classrooms enjoyable. Even after I left five years later, the passion and vigor COSMOTOTS-iqd instilled in me for learning propelled me through high school and university.

I am absolutely certain that I can credit COSMOTOTS-iqd for what I am today. I shall always remain thankful to my mentors/Mr Yoong for all their work with me.