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Limited time offer!

We’re giving 1 month’s worth of FREE lessons* when you enrol your child by 15th August 2021. 😊

📌 How can I enjoy this promotion?
1. Book a FREE online appraisal session with us to assess your child’s reading & writing level.
2. Enrol your child by 15th August 2021.

📌 Can I enrol now but commence classes at a later date?
Yes, you may choose to commence anytime within 6 months from 1st August 2021.
Message us to find out more about this offer.

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I like/dislike stories with a happy ending

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“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.” – David McCullough

At Cosmotots-iqd, we make writing less hard by making it familiar. Our kids get lots of writing practice by constantly expressing their thoughts …

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